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Commercial Drain Cleaning

What Is Commercial Drain Cleaning?

When dealing with a clogged drain at your business, your first thought will likely be on getting it fixed quickly. Drain cleaning deals with any issues you might have within your drainage system. It might entail having slow drains within your toilets, showers, sinks, or tubs. You may also encounter some unpleasant smells, it is possible for a drain cleaning expert to pinpoint where they are coming from.

commercial drain cleaning

Preventative maintenance with regular cleanings can eliminate grease traps that cause clogged drains in your building – however, there may be signs that you have an impending blockage. Slow drains and those that backup often need more than just drain cleaner to fix the issue. The following will help you to better understand common services that are used by your plumber in Glendora, CA, and nearby areas to remove any blockage of your commercial drains:


After a video camera inspection has been completed, a commercial drain cleaning professional will know exactly how to proceed. There are many older buildings that typically have sewer pipes made from clay or cast iron, that over time with wear & tear can collapse causing a clog that may require pipe replacement.

Restaurants typically get drain clogs that are created by fat, grease, and food waste. Over time, this sludge will build up inside the pipes, which restrict flow and cause sewers to backup more frequently. Restaurants with grease traps must be sure that they are cleaned out on a regular basis because they can cause severe backups that could shut down the business.


Commercial drain snaking is the simplest method for clearing a clogged drain. It is usually the first method most plumbers use to clear a clogged drain. A drain snake or auger is made of cable with an ‘auger head’ and is adjusted based on the size of the pipe that is being unclogged. Commercial drain snakes can reach deep into your sewer pipes, find the clog, and in most cases remove it. More stubborn clogs require more than just a snake to remove them.


Commercial hydro-jetting is the most aggressive type of commercial drain cleaning that is used when a drain snake cannot get the job done. Hydro jetting uses a powerful stream of water, it works much like a high-pressure washer with a special spray head. The hydro-jetting device is inserted inside the commercial drain, it then cleans and scours the inside of the drain/sewer line as it is pushed through. Destroying even the most stubborn clogs.

On the other hand, hydro-jetting may destroy already old or weak pipes. Potentially damaging your drain or sewer lines. This is why it’s important to have a plumbing professional determine which is the best method to use before proceeding. Commercial drain cleaners can handle these problems professionally. They have the right equipment and a team that understands how to deal with any and all issues they may come up against because it’s likely that they have seen it before.

The Benefits of Commercial Drain Cleaning

Having clean drains and pipes will have lasting benefits for your establishment. It will entail clog elimination, flood and backup prevention, and eradicating any funny noises behind the walls. Below are all the benefits of attaining commercial drain cleaning services.

Foul Odor Prevention

When there is a buildup of waste in your plumbing system, the chances are that foul odors will permeate your building. At times, it’ll be hard to pinpoint these sources, but a professional has the tools to eliminate such problems. They ensure that you won’t have any smells from your drains or pipes.

Saving Money

Looking at a quote from a commercial cleaner can seem expensive. However, a professional team can deal with any issues in your drainage system. Frequent cleaning means that you won’t encounter clogging, corrosion, or water leaks.

Using commercial drain cleaners can guarantee that you won’t come across such scenarios. You also save on your drain cleaning costs since our team can easily locate any problems within your drainage system. Dealing with issues in time ensures that they won’t be expensive in the future.

Negate Bacteria and Mold Growth

Having clogs in the drainage system will lead to puddles and water accumulation. Such conditions are ideal for mildew, mold, and bacteria growth. Getting rid of all clogs will eradicate any breeding grounds for all pathogens.

Safety and Health

Wear and tear within the drainage system can be devastating to your establishment. Finding a team that can clean your drains will guarantee that there will not be any safety hazards within the establishment. More so, they will use the best products to guarantee proper maintenance of the drainage system. Protecting both your employees and customers should be at the top of your list.

Commercial drain cleaning services can eliminate prolonged exposure to bacteria that can cause different types of infections and illnesses. Mold and bacteria will easily grow in clogged drains. Frequently attaining drain cleaning services can guarantee that you won’t encounter any issues. To minimize damage within the establishment, you should consider cleaning any water on the floor.

Floor and Wall Protection

In case of overflows in your establishment, you will experience water damage. It can occur on walls and floors since it can sip under your tiles or even wallpaper. Such conditions will encourage mold growth that will make your floors and walls lose their structural integrity. Replacing portions of the wall and floor can be expensive. You can negate all this with commercial drain cleaning services since they will eliminate any worries of clogs and leaks. In return, you’ll be sure that your floors and walls can last for years.

Speeding up the Drainage

Clean drains work better and eradicate wastewater quickly. Impending clogs are a nuisance, and they can cut your water supply. If you don’t want to keep on plunging your toilets frequently, consider attaining commercial drain cleaning services. Professionals will eliminate any hassles by ensuring that your drains will work perfectly.

Professional Solutions

Unlike a DIY approach, professionals devise the best measures to guarantee that you have better drainage systems. They have teams that can work together to create unique drainage solutions. In return, dealing with blockages will be quick and efficient. The best commercial drain cleaners use the best technology to render unique services. Implementing these technologies will guarantee that all your pipes and drains won’t have any clogs. These can enhance your drainage by ensuring that everything will run smoothly.


By looking into the different commercial drain cleaner reviews, you will have some peace of mind that they are the best. Therefore, they will have the best tools and team to provide these drain cleaning services. The best cleaners can also provide you with ideas as to how you can negate further drainage problems.

Commercial Drain Cleaning FAQ's

How often should preventative commercial drain cleaning be done?

Determine how often to schedule commercial drain cleaning in Glendora, CA, and the surrounding areas based on what kind of usage your drains usually get. For instance, you might call us quarterly to clean your commercial drains if they are heavily used.

What can be done to prevent serious commercial drain issues?

Aside from scheduling regular inspections and cleanings, serious issues with commercial drains may be avoided with drain covers where it’s appropriate to use them or properly functioning and maintained grease traps.

How can I tell if my commercial drains may need more than a good cleaning?

The only way to know for sure what’s going on with your business-related drains is to have an inspection done, which we do with a camera designed for this purpose. The results determine if you’ll benefit from a professional drain snaking or if drain repairs are needed.

The Sewer Surgeon

The Sewer Surgeon’s team of plumbers understands the complexities that can occur with drain cleaning in commercial buildings. Our team of expert plumbers receives the best training so that they are always ready to handle any and all issues that may occur. The team assesses your issues before determining the equipment to use. Since we specialize in drain cleaning, we have the best understanding of all the different issues that your drains might face. That’s why we will be the best option for cleaning your drains and ensuring they are in the best condition.

Our drain cleaning company is polite and respectful, we ensure that you, the client, have all the necessary information regarding what you are paying for. When you ask for a quote, we provide you with transparent prices that won’t change later. Commercial drain cleaning costs can vary depending on your needs. We will assess all the options then explain them to you. We are always upfront with our customers.

Get Commercial or Residential Drain Cleaning Services Now

Now that you better understand commercial drain cleaning and its importance, it’s now up to you to determine when to request this service. To eliminate any hassles, speak with one of our trained expert plumbers to learn more about how we can be of service. In turn, you will ensure that your drains are healthy thus eliminating any major repairs and replacement costs for many years to come.

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We are more than happy to give advice and make recommendations on which solution is most suitable for your needs. If you need commercial drain cleaning services, don’t hesitate to call for an appointment! We offer free estimates for all plumbing services and include written quotes. At The Sewer Surgeon, we offer competitive pricing all day, every day. Ask about our coupon specials, call us today at (855) 650-7867. We also address the drain cleaning needs of commercial clients in Los Angeles, Orange County, and South Bay, CA.

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