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Drain Cleaning

Thorough Drain Cleaning in Glendora, CA

If there’s a drain in or around your residential or commercial property that needs a thorough, professional cleaning, count on a plumber in Glendora, CA, from The Sewer Surgeon. We will be sure to get the job done. We offer top-quality drain cleaning for our residential and commercial clients, whether they need emergency or preventative solutions.

Your Local Drain Cleaning Pros

Satisfaction guaranteed is what our valued customers can expect from us. We’re a locally owned and operated drain cleaning company with the resources and skills needed to tackle even the most stubborn drain issues. You’ll also appreciate choosing us for your drain cleaning needs for the following reasons:

  • We’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured
  • We’re available 24/7 for emergency service
  • We provide free, accurate estimates and second opinions
  • Our rates are reasonable and upfront
  • We offer flat-rate pricing

Why Go For Professional and Regular Drain Cleaning

If you’re not mindful of regular drain cleaning in Glendora, CA, you could end up with damage to your pipes or property. For instance, a drain that’s clogged deeper within the pipe may crack and leak eventually. Regular drain cleanings ultimately provide added peace of mind while keeping your household and business drains flowing and functioning correctly, which also contributes to added savings.

Why Avoid DIY Drain Cleaning

We understand the temptation to tackle drain cleaning yourself to save time and money. Unfortunately, this is rarely what ends up happening. Drain cleaning methods like drain snaking, for example, can damage your drains if you’re not familiar with how to use this tool. Drain cleaning products can be dangerous, too, since these products tend to be corrosive. Even a plunger can push debris further down and make the problem worse.

Signs and Causes of Drain Clogs

Grease, fat, food particles, and items that shouldn’t be flushed are among the possible causes of drain clogs. Drains can also be affected by hardened minerals that gather along drain line walls over time. A lack of regular cleaning can affect drains as well and increase the risk of clogged drain issues.

Watch Out For:

  • Water backing up into sinks or tubs
  • Overflowing storm, sewer, or floor drains
  • Unpleasant odors coming from your drains
  • Drains that go down unusually slow
  • Hearing bubbling, gurgling, or other odd sounds when drains are used

Benefits of Professional Drain Cleaning

Clogs can quickly disrupt your business or your daily routine. With professional drain cleaning services, we can resolve disruptions from clogged, backed up, overflowing, or slow drains quickly. What’s more, our experts use methods that are effective but safe for drain lines.

Schedule a Drain Cleaning Today

Whether you’re already dealing with a clogged drain or hoping to avoid issues like this in the future, The Sewer Surgeon is on call and ready to deliver A+ results. Our OSHA-compliant and certified employees arrive promptly with everything needed to clean and clear drains. Contact us today to learn more about drain cleaning, hydro jetting, or to schedule an appointment.