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What Causes Tap Water to be Cloudy?

Most people experience cloudy, opaque water coming from their taps every once in a while. While most of the time the taps run clear, this cloudy water can seem random. While it may be harmless, there is something strange about this weirdly colored water. You might wonder why your water gets clouded and what you can do about it.

Cloudy water is due to a high accumulation of air bubbles in the water. This can be due to high pressure in the water pipes, or from the cold weather as colder water holds a higher amount of air than hot water. If cloudiness persists, call a professional to have them fix your water line system.

While in most cases it is harmless, it is always a good idea to check on why your water is clouded. If you have a commercial business facing heavy cloudy water issues, keep reading to identify the cause of the problem you may be facing and exactly how to fix it.

What Causes Cloudy Water?

Cloudy water is caused by air bubbles in the water, but it can also be caused by other elements affecting your water line. These include:

  • Cold weather
  • High levels of calcium 
  • High water line pressure

No matter which of these is causing your cloudy water, you will want to have your water checked if the problem persists. 

Cold Weather

During the cold winter months, the low outside temperatures can cause the pipe water to be colder and hence have higher levels of air. This may be a sign that your building’s pipes are not insulated enough and may be vulnerable to bursting and that it is time for your building’s pipes to be replaced. 

If your building is located in a colder area or one where there are high-temperature fluctuations, doing regular checkups on your water line system is essential. Extremely cold temperatures can quickly cause bursting pipes, which can be very dangerous if someone is near.

High Levels of Calcium

The United States average amount of calcium in one cup of tap water is 7.2 grams. However, depending on whether the water is collected from glaciers or seawater, it may have lower or higher contents of calcium. Water that is high in calcium is called hard water and can give it a milky white color as well as a slightly off-taste. 

Hard water can also impact the durability of pipes, as the accumulation of calcium build-up affects the flow of the water passage. The pipe requires higher pressure in order to push the water through, potentially harming the piping’s longevity. If you live in an area with high calcium levels in the water such as in California, make sure you are getting regular checks of your piping to see if there is any hard water damage. 

High Water Line Pressure

High water line pressure can cause the following issues if it is not kept in check:

  • Bursting pipes
  • Mold formation
  • Broader damage throughout the piping system

The water pressure that is determined by the source of the water pumped will differ from the pressure the water your commercial building is under. Water pressure can determine the longevity of your water lines. Keep reading to find out exactly what water lines are, what they are crucial for your commercial building, and what damage a faulty water line can cause. 

Cloudy Water May Indicate a Need for Replacement

If your commercial building continues to suffer from cloudy water problems, especially in the warmer months, then your water line pipe pressure might be at fault. If the pressure is too high in the water lines, small air bubbles will form as the water is released from the faucet, creating the foggy appearance of the water. This can be displeasing for customers or employees using your commercial building’s space. 

A professional plumber can provide your building with:

Finding a professional plumbing company you can trust with your commercial building’s water line can seem daunting. That is why we are recommending The Sewer Surgeon, a California-based plumbing company that guarantees fair rates and high-quality results. Do not let cloudy water impact your building’s occupants’ trust in you.

Sewage and water line systems are fundamental to the functioning of your commercial building. For the employees, workers, and occupants of the buildings, it is essential to trust that they will have clean running water distributed by a safe piping system. Call The Sewer Surgeon for a free estimate or request service online to see what professional plumbing could offer you and your building.

Signs That You Might be Dealing with Water Damage

Your building likely has hidden water damage if you are dealing with:

  • Moldy, deteriorating, or peeling walls
  • Cloudy water
  • A peak in your water consumption bill

Oftentimes these will be due to plumbing problems. As much as you may be used to watching How-to videos online when dealing with property’s infrastructure, it is worth hiring a professional to deal with all and any of your commercial building’s maintenance, repair, and replacement.

Water Line Maintenance and Replacements

Regular water line maintenance and replacements are important not just for the longevity of your commercial building’s infrastructure, but for the safety of the people using your commercial building, such as office employees and maintenance workers.

If you are a commercial building owner, you should contact a professional plumber if you have any specific questions or problems with your plumbing. 

What Job Do Water Lines Have?

Waterline systems are specifically designed to transport drinking water through a system of fixated pipes. Most of these pipes will be made of one of the following materials:

  • PVC
  • Copper
  • Steel

The lines work by distributing purified water from a large source to homes or buildings. It uses high-pressure levels to maintain the flow of water across the network of pipes.

What Causes Water Lines to Burst?

Pipe bursting is due to high water pressure. The water expands and the flow of water is not fast or accessible enough to get the necessary amount of water out before it causes the pipe to break. The high pressure is caused by ice formation, which expands the water in the pipe. Bad insulation and unmaintained pipes are the usual culprits for this kind of damage. 

If there is a leak or malfunction in your commercial building’s waterline system, you could be facing: 

  • High damage repair costs
  • Liability complaints from occupants
  • Unnecessary money lost

Getting your water lines’ insulation checked is important for your commercial building’s security. 

High Damage Repair Costs

By having regular professional maintenance checks and repairs, you can help avoid the high costs of damage from neglected plumbing. Repairs can range between $4 to $7.50 per square foot of damage. In the United States, the average building size figures at 16,300 sq.ft., meaning your commercial building could be facing upwards of $122,250 in damage repair costs.

This could be avoided with regular professional plumbing maintenance.

Liability Complaints from Occupants

By making sure your water line system is correctly maintained, you are ensuring clean drinking water for all the occupants using your commercial building.

If your commercial building experiences water damage and either there is physical water damage or the drinking water is affected, you may face liability charges. Instead of splurging on a lawyer, spend your money making sure the building is perfectly safe to use.

Unnecessary Money Lost

You can save money with regular checkups and avoid any unnecessary money lost due to water line system problems. You could be saving thousands of dollars spent on damage by calling a professional plumber to come to do a maintenance check. You can get an estimate online to know how much a checkup and possible repairs would cost.


If your water is temporarily cloudy, there is usually no cause for concern. However, if you have cloudy tap water that is frequent or ongoing, there is likely an issue with your water pipes. Whether you have mineral formation in your pipes or high pressure in the waterline, it is advisable to get a professional out to take a look.




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